What are we doing? | May 2024

Close up of white exhibition walls featuring framed LivingBodiesObjects work: Wray’s artworks and extracts from survivor testimony.

LBO team members Lynn Wray and Clare Barker have been in Brighton recently visiting ‘Everything in Their Eyes: 40 Years of Disaster in Bhopal’, an exhibition curated by our project partners The Bhopal Medical Appeal and featuring work from the LBO project. Staged at the Phoenix Art Space as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival, the exhibition commemorates the 40th anniversary of the 1984 Union Carbide (UC) gas disaster in December this year, tells the story of the Bhopal gas and water disasters through the eyes of survivors and activists, and showcases the BMA’s impactful campaigns over the last thirty years.

Touching Sleep

On a black wall is a 9 x 4 grid of black tiles with white spiral engravings on them. In front of this is an open wooden box, housing a small stylus, hand print, and space to fix sample tile for engraving.

Feature image: Sleep Engraver Exhibition, credit Benedict Phillips Touching Sleep is an exploration of technology, art and cultural theory, focused on sleep, which emerged from early conversations during the first months of LivingBodiesObjects. It was inspired by discussions of how the body can be understood as a living object and how it might be recorded … Read more

What are we doing? | April 2024

A 1970s SciFi Iron Lung featuring a mustard-coloured plush chair inside a glass dome

Feature image: A 1970s SciFi Iron Lung (Image created by MidJourney) The fourth and final residency period of the LBO project began in January 2024. We’ve been working closely with the Thackray Museum of Medicine, based in Leeds, developing ideas for a six-month exhibition which is going to launch in July 2024. The initial phase … Read more

Rethinking Research Spaces | Oct 2023

The logo for the Research Culture Uncovered podcast series

Clare Barker and Amelia DeFalco recently recorded a podcast with Emma Spary, Head of Researcher Development and Culture, as part of the University of Leeds’ Research Culture Uncovered series. The episode is entitled ‘Rethinking Research Spaces: Developing a Medical Humanities Lab and Redefining Research Practices‘. The project introduces us to a non-hierarchical leadership model and … Read more

Podcast with Stuart Murray and David Tabron | July 2023

A room where 3 men are using VR headsets whilst other people assist or look on from seats

In this episode, Brandy speaks to Stuart Murray and David Tabron. David works for Blueberry Academy, a business that operates in special educational needs. “We’re a training provider, a post-16 training provider. And we also operate in health and social care,” David explains. Blueberry Academy was set up in 2007 and is localized to York … Read more

What are we doing? | August 2023

Decorative image of Jungle Landscape, by Alex McKenna

Feature image: Jungle Landscape, by Alex McKenna – made using Tilt Brush. In July, LBO finished its second residency, working with Blueberry Academy in York on a project that introduced immersive technologies to two groups of the Academy’s trainees. Blueberry provides training that supports young people to develop education and independence skills and at the … Read more