The Project

LivingBodiesObjects: Technology and the Spaces of Health (LBO) is a three-year research project based at the University of Leeds and funded by a Wellcome Trust Research Development Award.  

Informed by critical concepts of entanglement and collaboration as well as experimentation, risk, uncertainty, and play, the project centres on the development of a physical and virtual medical humanities laboratory, facilitated by our creative technology partners Immersive Networks and informed by our collaborations with a series of residential partners, including:  

Our work asks what kind of space such a lab might be, how it might work on a daily basis, and what kind of research shapes it might produce, especially in developing the relationship between the key terms of our project’s title.  

We are interested in exploring how ideas from medical humanities and related disciplines (especially disability studies) might help us to develop a more inclusive research culture, and the project is invested in thinking critically and creatively about all aspects of how our research is done, from leadership models to research spaces and environments, timeframes, institutional demands, relationships, outputs, and our engagements with technology and ideas of health.