What are we doing? | Oct 2023

The logo for the Research Culture Uncovered podcast series

Clare Barker and Amelia DeFalco recently recorded a podcast with Emma Spary, Head of Researcher Development and Culture, as part of the University of Leeds’ Research Culture Uncovered series. The episode is entitled ‘Rethinking Research Spaces: Developing a Medical Humanities Lab and Redefining Research Practices‘. The project introduces us to a non-hierarchical leadership model and … Read more

What are we doing? | August 2023

Decorative image of Jungle Landscape, by Alex McKenna

Feature image: Jungle Landscape, by Alex McKenna – made using Tilt Brush. In July, LBO finished its second residency, working with Blueberry Academy in York on a project that introduced immersive technologies to two groups of the Academy’s trainees. Blueberry provides training that supports young people to develop education and independence skills and at the … Read more

What are we doing? | Feb 2023

Two people are sitting on classroom chairs facing each other. An actor in a costume of a black boiler suit, a blonde wig and heavy make up is sitting opposite a young white male dressed in a hoodie and jeans.

With our first residential partner, Interplay Theatre, the UK’s National Sensory Theatre, LBO has developed a performance that explores the relationships between bodies, technologies and audiences. This interactive, improvisational theatre piece engages with ideas about robots and the human body inspired by Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Klara and the Sun. It imagines how technology might enable … Read more